12 Social Media Management Tools For Content Creation; Post Scheduling Lead Generation And Tracking Clicks

Social media marketing can be overwhelming as you have many things to do at a time. You create content; schedule posts and also track clicks and generate reports. The job could become more challenging, if you are managing multiple accounts for your clients.

Here social media management tools like Oktopost can provide real help. See the most popular tools for social media management and choose the best tools for your needs.


Used by over 10 million social media enthusiasts, Hootsuite is a great enterprise level tool for scheduling and analyzing social media campaigns. Also Hootsuite has a number of team tools that can help in creating interesting content for social media networks.

Agora Pulse

Now schedule content for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram from Agora Pulse and also start marketing campaigns from this amazing social media tool. It has dynamic reports for FB, Twitter and Instagram networks.

Social Oomph

Another powerful tool for social media management, Social Oomph is great for many things. It addition to scheduling content on Facebook and Twitter, it can also create greetings for Twitter messages. Social Oomph packs a number of premium options that are helpful in scheduling images and accessing Facebook and LinkedIn.


If you don’t want to stick to your laptop all the time for social media management then you should use EveryPost. This amazing tool will help you create visual content; schedule customized posts and content on social media from your phone. Developed for Android and iPhone devices, EveryPost helps use Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Tumblr.


With Bit.ly, you can shorten URLs for social media posts and also track clicks to determine how your content is driving traffic to your site. It is good for making short posts on Twitter and generating click reports.

Sprout Social

Social media agencies will find Sprout Social a great tool for managing their job. It allows managing multiple Facebook and Twitter accounts from one place and in a hassle free manner.

Crowd Booster

If you use analytics to optimize your social media posts then you will find Crowd Booster a perfect tool for your needs. It not only does analytics but also automatically updates it on a consistent basis. Also it can generate custom reports for clients and use the reporting info for scheduled tweeting.

Edgerank Checker

With Edgerank Checker, you can create custom content and also optimize it for Facebook posts. It is helpful in increasing user engagement with your FB posts.


Twitter enthusiasts can now do all their tweeting job from scheduling content to generating reports on clicks and from creating ads to publishing the ads on Twitter with SocialBro.


Official partner of Pinterest marketing, Tailwind is developed for managing multiple Pinterest accounts. It helps in creating multi-board pins and calendar scheduling. Social media agencies can use this tool for managing accounts of their clients.


Use Buffer to make social media posts from the shared links on the web. It can help in scheduling and sharing posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest.


Dedicated for generating leads, Oktopost can be used with Hootsuite that lacks lead generation feature. With Hootsuite, you can schedule your business content and with Oktopost, you can generate quality leads for your business.


Choosing right social media tool is the secret to achieving success with your social media campaigns and management. There are many social media tools but you need having good understanding of the tools to choose right tool for your needs. Also there are many tools that do similar jobs but you should know which tool will bets work for you.

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Fashion Mistakes That Too Many People Make

Fashion mistakes are plentiful, but what is it that most people do to create these fashion fax paus? What is it that is ‘fashionable’ on one person and a horrible mistake on another?

In a survey conducted to a cross-section of individuals, I asked:

Where do you think you have made the biggest buying mistake that has created orphans (clothes you do not wear) in your closet?

I wanted to know if they felt these mistakes were when they bought the:

  1. Wrong color
  2. Wrong size
  3. Wrong style

Over 2/3 of the people responded with “buying the wrong size”. This is not the reason why there are orphans in your closet. No, the reasons why you have clothes in your closet that you do not wear is because of the wrong style.

Women and men alike, will buy the wrong size and wear it because they feel that “if it zips it fits”. They will continue to keep these pieces in their closet AND wear them regardless of whether they should.

It is my belief, that if you have been attentive to what the world says about you, you will wear a color family that might be a good family for you. This doesn’t mean you are wearing your ‘personal best’ color. Rather, it is an OK color.

Generally, most people who are not fashion savvy, will go to the store and see something on the mannequin or in a magazine and mirror that look. In an attempt to be stylish, they will buy this look regardless of what it may feel like on them.

Once purchased and taken home, they will try the outfit on, look at themselves in the mirror and not get a sense of self. It is here where friction is felt.

The disconnect between the ‘styled’ outfit in the store and when they see themselves is a difference in their style personality and that of the outfit. It doesn’t ‘feel’ like them and it is taken off only to be put back into the closet never to be worn.

Fashion or Style?

There is a difference between fashion and style. In the words of Edna Woolman Chase, former editor of Vogue Magazine,

“Fashion can be bought, style one must possess”.

The Essence of Fashion is Style

The very essence of fashion is style. Style is at the core of your very being. It is who you are. Fashion is what is in the market. Fashion is what is on trend. Fashion is sold on the racks. Once purchased, fashion must be styled to your individual taste and characteristics.

What makes a pair of black pants different on one person than another is about how the garment is styled to reflect their personality.

Be Fashionable and Stylish

Being fashionable and stylish is not difficult. No, in fact it is rather simple when you focus on three parts to your wardrobe.


The core of your wardrobe is the very foundation on which it is built. Like a home, without a firm foundation, there is little to support is walls. Get a great core, foundational wardrobe that consists of pants, skirts, jackets and dresses that fit your body.


Once a foundation is established, accent colors can be added in your personal best colors. This will always make you look and feel your very best.


Accessories are the icing on the cake and actually create your personal style. Accessories are what allow you to become more fashionable and help you eliminate fashion mistakes.

It’s easy to be stylish, on trend and eliminate fashion mistakes when you create a wardrobe with foundational/core pieces. Highlighting your style using accents and accessories creates a uniqueness.

Style is a matter of bringing out to the world the essence of who you are. Done properly, you will never make a fashion mistake again!

Have fun with your style, create a fashion statement and you’ll always:

“Look Good Feel Great and Have FUN Doing It!”

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Training Options for Computer Networking Careers

When looking to gain the education and skills needed for a career in computer networking, you can do so by enrolling in an accredited school or college. Educational options in this field are available to provide you with the quality educational training you need to be successful. You can select from an accredited degree or certificate program, as well as specialized areas of study. Preparing for a profession in computer networking will give you the opportunity to choose the career you desire. You can learn more about educational options by researching programs and requesting more information.Training is provided at various levels to allow you to choose the one that best fits your needs and goals. You can choose from an accredited degree programs that will supply you with the accredited education needed to succeed. Options include earning an:Associate
Doctoral…level degree in computer networking. The specific length of training will depend on the level of education being pursued.Studies can last two years for an associate degree and four for a bachelor’s.
Obtaining a master or doctoral degree can require an additional two to four years of accredited trainingBy choosing to gain an accredited degree in this field, you will be able to study a variety of topics that relate to your desired profession.There are a number of professions that can be pursued once an accredited degree has been obtained. You can choose to seek employment as a:Network Control Analyst
Network Services Administrator
Network Support Specialist
Technical Support Consultant
Network Engineer…or other related position. When looking to pursue a career in this exciting field, you will have the option to enter into the employment you desire. Accredited training programs offer the coursework you need to gain knowledge in the areas that relate to your career.Training for an education and career in computer networking can help you to enter into the field ready for a successful position. Possible topics of study can include learning subjects like:Computer Science
Linux Networking
Computer Software
Data Communications
Windows Applications
Network Design
Computer Maintenance
Operating Systems…and many other related course subjects. By studying these topics, you will have the skill training you need to enter into the workforce prepared. You can start the training process by enrolling in an accredited school or college.Fully accredited career preparation programs are designed to help you receive the quality education needed for a successful career. Agencies such as the Higher Learning Commission ( http://www.ncahlc.org/ ) are approved to provide full accreditation to schools and colleges that meet certain qualifications and requirements. Full accreditation is proof that the best education will be received. Researching programs and obtaining more information regarding enrollment and degree options will help you decide on the one that’s right for you. Start the path to a new career by obtaining more information and enrolling in an accredited facility today.DISCLAIMER: Above is a GENERIC OUTLINE and may or may not depict precise methods, courses and/or focuses related to ANY ONE specific school(s) that may or may not be advertised at PETAP.org.Copyright 2010 – All rights reserved by PETAP.org.

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